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The win-OMT Story

win-OMT is an automation solution provider to the media and broadcast industry. Our products touch millions of listeners world-wide every day through radio, satellite, cable and internet broadcasts.

Two of our many products include:

  • win-OMT iMediaTouch – a feature rich, and well proven broadcast automation system
  • win-OMT iMediaLogger – an advanced digital logging solution

win-OMT is also a world leader in providing large scale audio delivery systems used by DTH satellite services and cable music systems.

Innovative Products and Technology

win-OMT takes pride in our commitment to innovation and outstanding customer service. win-OMT has been recognized for our innovative products and technology by RadioWorld's "Cool Stuff" Award at the National Association of Broadcasters convention, as well as through the strong ongoing loyalty of our many clients across North America and Internationally.

win-OMT's successes are due, in part, to having a keen understanding of multi-media technology and emerging trends in the industry.

Ultimately our success has been based on understanding our client's requirements and proposing solutions that meet and exceed their expectations.


win-OMT Software - Committed to Product Innovation and Support for over 30 years!

win-OMT has achieved many industry firsts since introducing the first automation system in 1984, earning a solid reputation as an innovative leader. Below are just some of our impressive achievements:

1984 Integration of music, commercials and news on a single touch-screen control system
1985 Introduction of the first non-proprietary automation system utilizing PC's and MS-DOS
1986 Leader in the integration of studio audio switcher/router control for boardless operation
1987 Introduction of win-OMT's digital audio system
1988 Developed the first networked digital audio system using Novell file servers
1992 Integration of Pioneer CD jukebox systems
1993 First 4 station networked cluster automation system in North America
1995 Initial "Virtual Studio" implementation in North America
1996 Pioneering 30 channel broadcast system using Pioneer 5000 CD jukeboxes – CBC Galaxie
1996 Utilized WAN for broadcast program control and system monitoring
1996 Creation of a digital delay software for indecency monitoring
1997 Pioneered a 30 channel Dolby AC/2 digital broadcast system – Corus Entertainment
1997 Implemented a 120 channel MPEG digital broadcast system - DMX
1998 First to integrate audio CODEC's in software for broadcast automation applications
1998 Integration of track titling for DTH broadcast music systems – G.I. and Divicom
1998 Offered integrated CD ripping and format conversion into win-OMT production software
1999 Introduced the first true 32-bit Microsoft Windows based broadcast audio production software
2000 Industry leading multi-channel digital audio recorder – NAB 2000 Cool Award - iMediaLogger
2001 Full 32-bit Microsoft Windows based broadcast automation software
2001 First Internet content substitution system – NAB 2001 Cool Award – iMediaAdCast
2002 Automated CD mass encoding system – iMediaExpressEncoder
2002 win-OMT's 45 channel broadcast automation system with software CODEC's
2003 win-OMT's 55 channel broadcast automation system using Dolby AC/3 in software CODEC
2003 Leading broadcast automation system to use Microsoft Windows Media Series 9 CODEC
2004 Introduced the world's smallest Digital Logger at NAB 2004
2005 Automatic import & integration with NPR Content Depot©
2007 Introduction of win-OMT's 3rd Generation iMediaLogger digital logging software
2007 Launched win-OMT's 5th Generation iMediaTouch broadcast automation system
2009 win-OMT introduces Websecure + and iMedia Archive.
2010 Innovation continues with win-OMT's release our 6th Generation Broadcast automation system, iMediaTouch Version 4
2010 win-OMT introduces a software interface between win-OMT's iMediaTouch automation system and Wheatstone
2010 win-OMT introduces a software interface between win-OMT's iMediaTouch automation system and Axia
2011 Launch of win-OMT's latest version of our Voice Tracking Portal software
2012 Development of the our real time interface between iMediaTouch and MusicMaster
2013 New EAS broadcast support offered to our clients
2014 Expanded E Series Wheatstone support
2014 Release of our significantly enhanced 4th Generation digital logging software, iMediaLogger 5
2015 Release of our new iMediaTouch Enterprise automation system solution, as an additional product option to compliment our well proven and continued iMediaTouch V4
2017 Release of our 5th Generation best selling digital logger, iMediaLogger 6
2017 WinMedia Group acquires OMT Technologies and merges it's North American Operations to create win-OMT Software
2019 Continued Innovation with our Enterprise suite, by adding an integrated audio WAN solution, iMediaTransfer

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