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win-OMT Software + Hardware A Proven Turnkey Solution

Workstations, Rackmount Computers & Servers

We build to order. You can choose from our set of pre-configured computer systems, or configure the workstations and servers to accommodate your specific station’s storage, LAN, WAN and network requirements.

Non-proprietary software - another commitment from win-OMT

win-OMT has always believed that our clients should be able to make choices about the hardware they use for their operations. Because our software solutions operate on standard computer architecture, and we provide the minimum and recommended specifications, our clients are free to use their own hardware or purchase the hardware from win-OMT.

win-OMT's Software + Hardware = A Proven Turnkey Solution

Many of our clients strongly prefer an end-to-end solution from win-OMT. As outlined within our Support section, win-OMT can provide a near turnkey full approach to our clients – including hardware, win-OMT software, pre-delivery integration and onsite implementation services.

By having win-OMT install and customize our software onto the new hardware, the bundled solution arrives onsite ready for immediate installation, with the comfort of knowing that your specific station parameters and content have been preinstalled and quality tested.

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